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Who is tuc watkins dating

It causes a power struggle between Lynette [Felicity Huffman] and Kather­ine [Dana Delany] over who's going to run the homeowners' association." Bob and Lee will move into the old Applewhite house, putting them between Susan and Gaby (Eva Longoria).

Two gay guys are about to shake up Wisteria Lane, but it's not their sexuality that's the issue — it's their bad taste in art!

On October 21, Desperate Housewives (Sundays at 9 pm/ET, ABC) will introduce newbie neighbors Bob and Lee — played by Tuc Watkins (One Life to Live) and Kevin Rahm (Judging Amy) — and they'll quickly get tiffy with Susan (Teri Hatcher).

"Everyone is united in thinking it's the ugliest thing ever, but it tears Wisteria Lane apart," Cherry says.

"Half the people want the fountain removed and half are defending Bob and Lee's right to have it.

He'd been shoot­ing a guest spot on Scrubs — in a bald cap — and was warned to be in Cherry's office no later than pm. But the gig went to pal and former One Life to Live costar Nathan Fillion. I also wanted to put a knife in his neck." Wel­come to Wisteria Lane.

"In the end, things worked out fine," Watkins notes.

I caught up with the sexy actor, who revealed what he's been up to since saying goodbye to Llanview. It's nice to talk and work with people who have the same background, the same stories. Actors who have done a lot of soap work are the easiest to do a project with.

He also provided insight into his new character, political heir Eric Preston., I've been busy with babies! My friend Tuc[Watkins] had twins last year, a boy and a girl, and I spend almost everyday with them. Tuc and I also do a really great 100 minute workout at Runyon Canyon called "The Full Dolores" three times a week. You get one once you complete "her."DC: How does it feel getting back into the swing of acting on a dramatic serial with ? It's as if we are all part of the same theatre company. Is Eric similar to his mother Claire, or his grandfather William?

actor Van Hansis is dating fellow actor Tyler Hanes.

"They're very happy and have been dating for a while now," says our source.

Soap Opera Digest named Watkins's David their "Most Entertaining Male Character" of 2008, noting that "Time and time again, David's harebrained schemes and Tuc Watkins's side-splitting performances provide amusement we're always sorry to see end." On October 21, 2007, Watkins made his first appearance on ABC's primetime series Desperate Housewives as Bob Hunter, a new resident of Wisteria Lane who is a gay lawyer with a husband.

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