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Who is clea duvall dating

Izzie finds the couple from earlier today and informs them they're indeed pregnant. Bailey needs another set of hands and Addison jumps in to help. There's a 98% chance that the baby is perfectly healthy. Izzie understands she gave up on having children a long time ago and she understands it's difficult to readjust her thinking so quickly, but if Sarah takes her meds responsibly, this is her chance to be a mother. When her suspicions were confirmed, she said she needed to terminate because she believed that she could pass HIV to her baby easily. I'm sure things haven't changed that much around here.

And then they either try to marry them or drown ourselves, Cristina adds. Sarah thinks Izzie disapproves and that she wants to push some kind of agenda. If Sarah wants an abortion because she wants to, that's her choice. The injection went into the intra-arterial, Derek says. Addison and Bailey have managed to control the bleeding. Erica informs her she was able to reduce the heart almost all the way into the pericardial space. Derek says the treatment failed on their first patient and tells Meredith to call it. They were able to put his heart almost all the way back into his chest and there was no hernia.

Cristina tells Callie to make Erica let her scrub in or she's kicking Callie out of the apartment. Bailey notices Nikki is hemorrhaging as Alex informs them the baby's membrane is intact. But, if she wants an abortion because she thinks that's what medicine is telling her to do, it's between her and Izzie. Izzie wasn't telling her there's some chance her baby might not be sick. The heart is beating and everything is looking perfect. Sarah, who was HIV , believed that she might be pregnant.

She and Derek shake hands and Derek asks for the chart. They can't take it out, so they want to reduce it from within. Erica says she and Addison have a lot to do, but they're both up for it. Izzie paged George to the clinic and all the interns greet him enthusiastically.

George presents the case, but Phillip gestures him to come closer. Izzie imitates them and tells George she spent her night on Google. Richard says the surgery will take place in two ORs. Derek tells him the tumor is invading the optic nerve, so they might need to consider to do the surgery today.

Cristina comes over with the 3-D ultrasound and fetal MRIs for today's patient. Izzie says nobody cares about her trial, but she admits she's jealous. Meredith says she has no time for the sparkle pager today because of her trial and she thinks that if Izzie and Cristina take a moment, they can be happy that she's found her path to medical history. Addison says it's an amazing skin flap and walks out. They go to see the first patient, a woman who thinks she's pregnant. Meredith tells her interns they're about to experience medical history, so they should take in the moment.

Cristina suggests Hahn let her scrub in, but Erica just asks for the films. She walks off and Cristina and Izzie both say they're not happy for her. Meredith and Derek are all but a happy couple and part ways. As Izzie says they'll get a test, one of her interns can't hide his boredom. Derek comes over and tells them that the patient may be inappropriately emotional, so they shouldn't take it personally. Derek greets Phillip and thanks him for agreeing to be part of the trial.

Izzie says she's sorry, but she says they might want to wait a few days before making the decisions. Sarah wants to get this over with and she wants to know if they can take care of it today. Callie finds Hahn and asks her to put Cristina on her service as a favor. Izzie explains the case of the pregnant HIV positive woman. Phillip's tumor had grown and he started to become very aggressive. He was the first patient to participate in Derek and Meredith's clinical trial, which involved injecting live virus into the tumor to shrink it. Addison: So, who's the new mystery woman that Derek's dating?

Sarah says there's no decision to be made as she's HIV positive. Erica agrees to but only if Callie buys them drinks at Joe's tonight. Izzie is eating potato chips at the nurses station. Addison says she doesn't have to terminate, but she doesn't work her anymore so she can't talk to the patient. Phillip tells Jennifer he wants her to try to find somebody, because he doesn't want her to be alone.

Rebecca says she didn't want an ultrasound, she just wanted something for the morning sickness. Izzie says an ultrasound can be hard to read then and says they'll run a blood sample to make sure everything is on track. Nikki asks about the risks again, but Will says they can't think about those, as they are going to have a healthy, strong, and happy baby. Alex is defending himself outside the room, saying he was just trying to prepare the parents. Izzie gets that he wants to hang out with the interns and tell him to go. Derek ends up on an elevator with Meredith, Addison, and Rose. He laughs and says Derek probably wishes he took the stairs. Addison, Callie, and Erica are having drinks at Joe's. In a corner of the bar, George is having fun with his new friends.

Rebecca asks Izzie if she knows when Alex will be out of surgery as she wants to say hi. Addison is on the bridge with Derek, confronting him about his break-up with Meredith. He's just groping around in the dark, hoping to do the right thing, while Meredith is expecting greatness. He says he's seeing someone else, and she's lovely. Alex bluntly tells them that the chances are that the baby's gonna need a lot more than just heart surgery. The baby's going to be screwed up because his crazy parents think loving each other is just enough to raise a sick baby. Bailey tells him to stuff all his feelings back in. Izzie is waiting for lab results as she sees George. George says that whenever says something funny, he always looks around to see if she thinks it's funny too, even when she's not there. They're talking and Callie wants to say what Addison thought, but then Erica stops her to remove a hair that got caught in her lip gloss. Cristina walks off and Addison says Erica was hard on Cristina. Addison and Erica watch Callie and they agree she's beautiful. The lab technician gives Izzie Rebecca's test results, but Izzie doesn't think they're right.

George does so, and Phillip starts to describe his wife's great body. George says the party was spontaneous and the interns keep doing this thing where they say "coded". Addison interrupts her as she can't believe Meredith and Derek broke up. The doctors have gathered in the baby's mother's room. Addison and Alex will deliver the baby and Bailey will stay behind to close Nikki's incision. Phillip tells Meredith that if she really wants to help, she should bring in single men for Jennifer. Phillip asks Meredith if she thinks Derek is attractive enough for his wife.