Start Validating a form in dreamweaver

Validating a form in dreamweaver

Understand that until the form handler is installed, your visitors will not be able to send you any data; no matter how many times they click the Submit button.

For that you will need to install a form handler on your server.

In many cases someone in the IT department performs this function.

As mentioned in the previous section, forms are all about the collection and eventual processing of information.

Once the various form elements are ironed out, you can look at the possibility of validating some of the fields.

These validation methods include client-side, server-side, and custom validation; CAPTCHA images; and Spry validation fields.

You'll also see how to set up a PHP testing environment and preview PHP pages in Dreamweaver.

Along the way you'll build your skills in areas like using admin consoles, commenting code, working with variables and includes, and much more.