Start Update validating xp

Update validating xp

Caveat: I long since gave up trying to avoid WGA, though I've not stopped resenting the "guilty until proven innocent" attitude it implies.

Will installing this bring my installation up to date with security updates?

What about later updates whenever a new problem is discovered, how can i update without using wga?

That doesn't mean it can't or hasn't happened, but to me, it's an irrational fear - if you have properly obtained your copy of Windows, then you have nothing to be concerned about.

The odds of a problem are probably up there with the odds of dying in a plane crash - yes it could happen, but statistically, your safer than when you drive to the airport.

Microsoft would not be daft enough to deny anyone security updates (at least until XP is officially fully deprecated) as the extra abundance of hacked Windows machines causing hassle would be extra embarrassment.

You won't be able to use the Windows Update web site - just the local client, and you'll need to be careful with that as WGA creeps in unexpectedly with other updates (make sure you always do a custom download install of updates).

Where I live, Windows is considered free; I'm sure most regular users here have no idea what licencing, EULAs and WGA mean.