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Stephen mulhern dating

After leaving school, he created a magic show under the title Stephen's Mega Mad Magic Show.

But, if it's further than new, get her a bracelet or a necklace.

Stephen Mulhern must have the most emotionally taxing job in showbusiness.

His television credits since have included The Quick Trick Show and more recently Tricky TV.

In 2005, Mulhern created and presented the Channel 4 magic show Freaky, and was credited as executive producer.

Stephen – presenter of ITV’s Britain’s Got More Talent, Catchphrase, Big Star’s Little Star and… ‘It isn’t an intelligent show by any stretch of the imagination. ‘We’re hoping to revive that hour from 10.30am which until now has been dead.

well, more programmes than there are white rabbits in a conjurer’s hat – has a passion for magic. Thankfully, the figures have been good.’ Stephen has the sort of comic magic most presenters would kill for. Starting out on CITV, earlier this year he made the leap to programmes for grown-ups such as ITV’s Catchphrase, in which contestants must identify a famous phrase from an animated clip, and Big Star’s Little Star, a sort of Mr & Mrs for celebrities and their children. Once you’re a kids’ presenter that’s what you do, so doing Catchphrase was a massive risk. But when it did work…’ He’s just completed a second series that will go out next year.

Mulhern gained his interest in comedy and magic from his father, who would teach him a trick before bedtime when he was 13 years old.

The family would spend their summer holidays at Butlin's Minehead in Somerset, where Mulhern first began performing in public.

He wouldn’t want to sit on the panel; he couldn’t bear to be censorious. ‘I think David gets drained by Michael’s manic energy. ‘The first time an act was booed and the audience shouted, “Off, off, off! It’s on my grand piano at home.’ Are either of the male judges as vain as Simon famously is? The order is: Michael, Amanda then The Hoff, but I suspect it’s because Michael doesn’t stop telling jokes, which prolongs his time in the chair. He was raised in Stratford, east London, the third of Chris and Molly Mulhern’s four children. As we walk along the street, heads turn in half-recognition.

He leaves that to the judges, comedian Mc Intyre, 35, actor and singer The Hoff, 58, and actress Amanda Holden, 40. ”, David thought they were yelling, “Hoff, Hoff, Hoff! He always keeps a handful of autographed photos to give out. And the Hoff has a portable fold-up mirror and industrial- strength hair-dryer. He inherited a skill for chit-chat from his dad, who was a fly-pitcher; an illicit trader who set up his stall on pavements in contravention of planning laws, and beguiled punters with his comic banter. ‘He and Mum made toy Persian cats and sold 20 at a tenner each every day. She’d be Ernie, the foil,’ he theorises, before clapping a hand over his mouth. ‘People tend to think they know me from somewhere like school.

At 18 he was the youngest magician to join the Magic Circle, and two years later he made his first appearance on TV with a few nifty tricks on Jonathan Ross’s The Big, Big Talent Show. In fact, he’s so busy it’s amazing he finds time to fit it all in.