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Speed dating hi res

This is an album without any other ambition than to bring fun stuff, enjoying the interplay of rhythm and lyricism in its simplest format.

to take chances, to produce creative pieces of quality, and for it spring from some kind of emotional basis that elevates the piece from simple craft to inspirational art. On twenty short tracks, Dickens plays duets with Ben Cohen on tenor saxophone, Jon Crowley on trumpet, Kirk Knuffke on coronet, Jeff Lederer also on tenor saxophone, Jeremy Udden on alto and C melody saxophone, and Matt Wilson on drums, wooden flute, and "Makers Mark Bottle".

The music is - not surprisingly - influenced by Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman, free quite often, yet also sometimes with rhythmic base and a theme.

This means some people who got very high match rate must have requested a second date with almost everyone they met and they got their favor returned.

Does that mean people who made fewer matches were more picky and didn't request another date as often as those who were more successful? match rate - if they correlate, then we should see a diagonal line!

Taken as a whole, the album is to appreciated as much as a creative experiment as a music listening experience. While Speed Date does have a remarkable cohesion considering its sizable guest roster, it’s also noticeable how each guest artist is able to give voice to their specific sound on their respective tracks, and the consistency of that sound across the span of their contributions...... And totally DIY" Voted 15th on their End of Year List 2011.

For musicians to embrace a fun, exciting challenge, and then endow the music with those same qualities, that’s the kind of thing we should want from our artists… Deric Dickens "circles the explorations of his collaborators [with] remarkable stylistic consistency..." Being a fan of duets with percussion, Brooklyn-based drummer Deric Dickens seems to have made an album that really fits my taste.

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