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I believe our first connection was January 2, 2014 and we were engaged April 15, 2014.

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So I reconsidered my original stance on the possibility of a long distance relationship. We stayed in our little cabin listening to the rain, talking, caressing each other, and relaxing into our relationship, no phones, no TV, nothing, just us. I remember writing a song during one of the days about how much of a gift it was.

We set up a meeting at a hot springs that was halfway between our two towns for a few months in the future. I was so happy to meet someone that I could share emotional connection, physical attraction, soulful relating, and spiritual union with. Later we discovered that her sun and my moon, both in Cancer lie on the same exact degree spot on the zodiac wheel – creating a beautiful balance of giving and receiving.

None of them were meant to be the ones to completely commit to, however.

They were all 'training grounds' of sorts to prepare me for meeting the love of my life. At this point I was so committed to only communicating with men who were conscious, awake and heart-spaced individuals, committed to a life of love and learning so I wasn't even considering any other site than yours. And even though I had very high expectations, they've all been exceeded - 10 times over!

I have been using online dating sites to meet my mates for over 15 years...before it was trendy or cool.