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Sophia myles dating david tennant

She was a teen popstar (the British Britney, youngest to get #1 or something), had an eating disorder, attempted suicide, had a breakdown and was photographed falling out of clubs drunk and passing out everywere, abruptly quit the industry and ran off to Vegas to marry a middle aged squillionaire radio&TV host/producer she'd just met, vanished for two years, then decided she wanted to act and almost immediately became this huge beloved TV star.

And yes r9 it's surprising the number of PR hacks patrolling this site. If it was during a phase when Tennant was (allegedly) single, it might be a hint to a closeted partner.

If he mentioned the partner when Tennant was in a relationship with a woman, well, then there you go.

But with the death of MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams and the unmasking of red-haired Russian spy Anna Chapman, spooks are incredibly topical again. I've very much a mongrel, which is good in a way because it makes me quite a blank canvas," she acknowledges.

"I've thought a lot about what makes the show a success," says Myles, "and I think it's because, in the current climate, a lot of people are constantly looking over their shoulder for danger. Along with Iain Glen and Simon Russell Beale, Myles is one of the new characters brought into Spooks after the death of lead character Ros (Hermione Norris).

Barrowman loves DT, thinks he's hot and has kidded around that he'd shag him if the opportunity arose.

Nothing in that interview was offensive to Tennant, he's always spoken highly of him in the press.

This is what the interviewer, Arabella Weir, says from r27 item:[italic]In the early days many of my friends (principally male, Ix92ll admit), thought that he must be gay.

x93He has to be x96 youx92re his best friend, and look at the way he dresses,x94 theyx92d protest.

Freema is always giggling about how "the boys" are a bit flatulent.[italic]I hope this turns into a media scandal and he gets tossed off my telly forever. Right now it's possible to suffer him on not one but two TV shows.[/italic]A scandal! Do you still live in Victorian times, jealous idiot at R29?

FYI there is an off button on your TV set, use it if he bothers you that much.

David Tennant update from a British website (unverified blind item but there ya go): Summarised: UK TV actor staging "female leaving the house" photo ops outside his front door, even though he's gay.