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Sim dating games like festival days

Trivia is too unimportant a word to correctly describe the random collection of facts that fill your brain.

Strictly speaking, acronyms are words formed from the abbreviations of others, but as you'll see, many of these acronyms aren't words at all, and even some of the best known acronyms like LASER and RADAR have bent the acronym rules.

Some acronyms, usually amusing and ironic, are formed in reverse, i.e., by starting with a word, especially a brand name, or an existing acronym, and finding new words to fit each of the letters, for example the 'bacronyms' made from ACRONYM and YAHOO.

This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of useful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, teaching, etc.

Many technical and process-related acronyms and abbreviations greatly assist in memory retention and learning.

Some of these acronyms and 'backronyms' also appear with more details and explanations in the main acronyms listing. ), It's the right one, it's the bright one, It's (Thats ? Other variations of lyrics following the opening line were used in more recent years (It's a new world, Me and you girl..).

Suggestions on a postcard please as to the original words (and ad agency, composer, etc), and later versions.

Bacronyms are often created as hoax explanations for the origins of certain swear words.