Start Rob kardashian currently dating

Rob kardashian currently dating

During the conversation, Rob started joking around about having a son.

I remember my friends not knowing what a tongue scraper was, but my mom literally made us use one. On Thursday, Ko Ko and her family celebrated her name change with a hilarious cake modeled after a California driver's license!

While most of the information seems legit, we're pretty sure you can't put "Skinny Bitch" as your weight!

Despite the fact that Jones was not the person who initially leaked the images, Jones soon came under fire. Disturbingly, the person claiming to be Kardashian even drops the N word!

"F****t a** b***h this is rob," one text to Jones obtained by Radar reads. this is my wife and you about to get your a** beat by every mexican in la … Radar released bombshell photos last week that showed Jones and Chyna caught in a steamy makeout session.

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see all the jaw-dropping moments from the latest episode of 1.

Kim & Kourtney Think Khloe's "Gonna Freak" When She Hears Rob Has His Own House: Kim is visiting Kourtney's house when Kourtney asks her if she heard Rob "bought a house?

But he needs quick money while the lawsuit is in the works – so he began selling stories about his families to the tabloids.

Kris Jenner and Rob’s sisters, especially Kim Kardashian, are shaking in their boots, and nervous he is going to expose their family secrets.

Ever wonder why the Kardashian gals ALWAYS look fab?? Recently, Khloé Kardashian wrote a blog entry on her website where she reveals KJ taught all of her daughters beauty lessons when they were young.

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Will Kris Jenner pay off her own son before she lets him expose her family’s secrets?