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Postcard dating by stamp

I have also a $0.03 Washington stamp postmarked 1937 I would like to know about. Both are used (found on the same letter from 1868). Thank you, Robert Long E-Mail My stepfather died and had a cent collection with a few that had presidents on them. He had an Eisenhower six cents stamps, Truman eight cents stamps, and LBJ eight cents stamps.

Thank you, Bob Medof E-Mail Good Evening, My name is Kimberley Harbour and i am on the quest of helping my Opa, find the value of a certain section from his collection of stamps. Best regards Julek Szostakowski E-Mail Hi, I'm Hossein from Iran.

My Opa has many stamps from WW1 & [email protected] as he lived in his hometown in Austria at the time. I want to sell my philatelic materials, best regards, Hossein, E-Mail Hi wants to send you some of my grandfather's Collection such that you may give us worthy or more info about the story behind these stamps ..

All issues of Pakistan from 1989 to date are available on this blog. I invite you to visit my blog and get useful information.

I have been unable to find anything about it on the internet under Aland Philatelics 2013. Paul Smith Petersburg, West Virginia - USA E-Mail Hi a friend of mine has a 7 Lincoln stamp. GREAT AUNT DIED AT 91 JUST RECENTLY AND THIESE AND MANY MORE STAMPS LEFT BEHIND. BETTY LONG E-Mail hello, I have the 4 block set of president stamps printed in 86 from ameriplex 86 stamp show in chicago. thanks, dwight burke E-Mail Dear Sir/Madame, I have inherited some stamps from my parents, grew up in Germany. They seem to have never been used the glue on the back of the stamp seems intact. I am hoping that you could help me identify what they are: stamps, seals, stickers? I checked with a local dealer here and he couldnt help me.

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Readers who can answer a published question should send the answer to the email address of the person who asked. You can also add questions online at our new online forum E-Mail If these stamps are authentic then they have a high value!

Cassel, 12 Nr.1 postcard Nr.12 and Cologne to Croatia. If you could let me know if it might be worth anything I would really appreciate it.