Start Online polygamy dating

Online polygamy dating

All you have to do is ask him how it works for him and family. Ok, when I first started reading this, I thought you must be 18 or 20, to be this naive. ) and as many other women as he wanted to bring around. You are not so good at sharing, but you don't care if he sleeps with her?

Im sorry The Glimmer Man I just find it hard to trust in a man that in no way can identify himself because of whatever reason, yet still seems to think awoman would want to meet him personaly without any kind of ideal who he is or what hes about. Im not the one running into the arms of a poligimist,which if You did get to take the time to know Me .. Out of all the single men on this site You can't find a good Man kind of leaves Me shaking My head......

If you don't wan this type of commitment perhaps offer him the money back for the divorce that way you have nothing to tie you to this man.

I don't think it's fair that he would be allowed 4 wived but you only 1 husband. I think it's down to your own personal choice and what you wanna do in this situation. You can't marry him when he is married to someone else in the States my dear.

You will be abused and controlled not only by him but by her too. Most relationships like this they have a workable plan that everyone lives by for it to work.