Start Koreans dating white girls

Koreans dating white girls

If you play your cards right you can land yourself an attractive Asian man.

And you're wrong many Japanese girls who don't have Jomon genes are just as ugly.

So what is it in Korea about Asian guys dating white girls?

Boost your chances at having a handsome Asian guy who is grateful for being with you too.

Dating a white woman is a fantasy for a lot of Korean men.

This is as creepy as Black guys always dating mostly fat white girls.

The white guys who date Asian girls always have eyeliner, rarely any who are pretty.

A big reason why Korean guys don’t date white girls is that they know the family wouldn’t approve.

In general Korean families want their sons to marry Korean women. Korea’s model of marriage is based on family alliances and status.

(It isn't.) South Korea just had a record-breaking year for exports and trade surplus.

But that's not really good news because that means the Korean government is actually doing a pretty good job.

If you want to date a guy from Korea then understand his point of view.