Start Japanese friends tokyo japanese dating

Japanese friends tokyo japanese dating

The first thing you should know is that Japanese people are weekend night owls.

In any case, in typical Japan fashion, Muse like most other clubs that get shut down will probably re-open in the same location, with the same layout, with a new name after a few months.

Up until the closure, Muse was well known as a place that Japanese female professionals, usually in their mid to late 20s, go to get down with foreign guys.

”) was raided by the police, and several staff members were arrested.

Muse has since re-opened and from reports is as hopping as ever!

Crackdowns happen regularly, especially on large dance clubs.

One of the more famous and well known establishments, Muse (“Can’t lose at Muse!

It used to be that the same crowd would normally “pre-game” it with a few drinks at another bar, called Heartland that is in Roppongi Hills earlier in the night, but after Heartland re-opened as Tusk, it doesn’t seem as popular as it once was.