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Ip dating 2016

They will be awarded at the DATE 2017 Conference and Exhibition, to be held March 27 - 31 in Lausanne, Switzerland (

The Io T space demands both extremely low power (microwatts to nanowatts) and extremely low cost (as low as ten cents).

This session invites poster submissions on novel systems-on-chips for Io T applications.

A chip may be designed for any aspect of the Io T ecosystem: nodes, hubs, cloud, etc.

Four categories have been considered in 2016: An open call for nominations was organized. Posters will be presented during the interactive presentation part at the Io T Day.

The whole Organizing Committee is going to prepare an especially remarkable technical programme, again addressing all aspects of research into technologies for electronic and embedded system engineering.

Two Special Days in the programme will focus on two areas bringing new challenges to the system design community: “Designing Electronics for the Internet of Things Era” and “Designing Wearable and Smart Medical Devices” The whole DATE Executive Committee cordially invites you to join us at this occasion and warmly welcomes all paper submissions for standard oral presentation or for interactive presentation.

[...] THURSDAY Lunchtime (Session 11.0 -) Abstract: We EDA engineers are justifiably proud of the tremendous success that integrated electronics has enjoyed over the last 50 years.