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The lesbian groups are for all women aged 18 , but there are too clear groups: those too young for me, and those too old for me! eventually that's got to result in more friendships and some dating prospects.

I'm happy for my friends, but weekends can be really lonely. Has anyone had any success meeting a partner of the same sex after years of being single (and how did your partner react to that) and at an age when everyone else is paired up? I've tried online dating, but no luck (I also find it expensive). I just need and also some advice on how to meet friends and women my age and to have someone tell me it'll work out . I have found that more women who are at least closer to my age range are online, and many of them seem like really cool people.

I don't want 5 minutes on the phone with a kid screaming in the background before they abruptly have to hang up.

Additionally, I really want my own kids and it would be too heartbreaking to be a 3rd parent wheel, who has no say between the real mother, and possibly a father somewhere in the picture (or another mom). I feel a little guilty specifically looking for somebody younger...

I've joined several social groups and have had some success re.