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Fixed assets liquidating current assests

Thorough documentation of a company's fixed assets contribute to understanding the financial health and value of that business.

Another is whether the small business fails alone, or whether the entire industry in which it operates fails.

If the surrounding industry continues to thrive, equipment, inventories and even specialized facilities are in greater demand by competitors than if the entire industry fails.

These long-term assets often make up the elements of a business that can be considered more infrastructure: crucial for the business to function and produce.

They can be tangible assets such as physical property, or intangible assets, such as a copyright.

NCAV equals the companies current assets minus its total liabilities.

This gives an additional margin of safety versus book value - on this valuation measure, one is essentially paying nothing for all the fixed assets (buildings, machinery, etc0, or any goodwill items that may exist.

Cash and cash equivalents include all bank account and money market account balances as well as bonds owned by the small business that have maturity dates of less than one year.