Start Filtering data and validating data in excel

Filtering data and validating data in excel

Steve Yes, I know that it is easier to make just auto filter and forget about coding.

But my responsible changed here mind, so now she wants that in the line of criteria which I am chiding (that's made by data validation) she could chose couple of the variants.

You also can use the Advanced Filter to create a list of unique items.

Select cells A1: A17, select Data » Filter » Advanced Filter, and then select Unique Records Only, Filter the List in Place.

For that, as I understood I should write a code for data Validation in Macros. So after research which I made, I tried to write that code, but on that moment I've got a problem that I can not delete what I choose and filtering doesn't work. First one is the first version of that advanced filtering.

Second is after trying to write a code Thank you a lot in advance for helping!

For multiple selections, I would not recommend datavalidation, but would suggest at the very least using a multiselect combobox to more mimic the autofilter type selections.

Even a userform may be more appropriate for selecting than the a objects in an excel sheet, since you will have control over it and be able to keep track easier. The more complex you make the demands, the more complex the coding will be...

The person who will use this data should see just first sheet, chose criteria which he wants to see and just click on the bottom and get the result. Kate But if the goal is essentially autofilter but not displaying all the data, why not keep the autofilter on the database and use a macro to hide the columns you don't want displayed and unhide when you want to enter in data?