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Stir them into the cheese mixture, and correct seasoning.

It was the power of social organizing and the work Living Liberally does in action.

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Living Liberally was founded 10 years ago, about a year before we founded Act Blue (which, you guessed it, means our 10th anniversary is up next).

It began simply as Drinking Liberally during the combative Bush years, when liberals were seeking like-minded individuals to drown their sorrows – and organize – with.

When the founders took the stage for the speeches portion of the night, the crowd almost immediately broke out into a chant of “10 MORE YEARS.” It was a celebration that included chapter leaders from all over the country, many of whom don’t get to see each other on a regular basis.

My favorite story came from Kathleen Thompson, a chapter leader from Grapevine, TX, who talked about how she felt like she was the only liberal in the area, and what a relief it was for her to find a place where she could meet others who shared her beliefs.

Stealth flagpole antenna on the west side of the 163 freeway South of Friars Road.