Start Dating in slovenian 2016

Dating in slovenian 2016

[Android / i OS] In 2015, Ljubljana made its debut on the list of the 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet in an impressive 13th place.

Which is something they might not take into consideration when taking you on your first hike 1000 meters uphill. Prepare yourself for spontaneous off-the road hikes ahead because there will be plenty!

[Android / i OS] The vast majority of Slovenians speak at least passable English, especially in the capital Ljubljana, but picking up a few words of the local language always makes a good impression when interacting with locals.

There are a handful of free English to Slovenian dictionaries on Google Play and the App Store, but this one seems to be the highest rated.

How many of these 20 facts about Slovenia did you already know?

There might not be much snow in Slovenia these days, or any other signs of winter for that matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate these lovely winter photos by Fotokom, Matej Vranič Photography!

[Android / i OS] Still in its version 1.0 beta release, we have a feeling that once some more bells and whistles are added, this app will move firmly into the #1 position on our chart, mostly because it’s the most elegant, easy-to-use and up-to-date Ljubljana travel app on the market, but perhaps also in part because we made it.

A curated selection of only the best content from our most popular categories, the In Your Pocket City Essentials app is the perfect companion for weekend break, business trip or short excursion to our fair city.

BREAKING NEWS: According to CNN Australia plans to build the largest and longest fence in the history of the world, all to keep out us Slovenians! Here are some first-hand tips about dating a Slovene guy from The Sunny Side Of This blog.