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Doing this will keep you from sabotaging your next relationship by putting pressure on your boyfriend to create happiness for you.

I want to watch movies about women growing up and making mistakes and not getting the guy.

I want to normalize the common, everyday experience of getting rejected a lot, sometimes rejecting others, being super confused, feeling both unattractive and attractive and feeling both loved and unloved.

Rudy had recently moved to Toronto to care for a relative, and I am a sucker for a “good guy.” He asked me if I had plans that night, and while I didn’t, I also didn’t have a car because mine was being serviced. I’ve never, ever let someone I didn’t know pick me up, but for whatever reason I said yes.

Maybe it was the loneliness of a Friday night at home.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, you could stay home and binge watch TV shows all night.

What’s important is that you are making yourself happy and sharing your love with the people you love. You have to be patient for the right love to come along and while you wait you should be working on loving yourself and making yourself happy.

It took me too long, but I did finally learn that I should talk to the guys I’m dating about my feelings before I just put them online. I don’t use the names of the people I’m seeing, but of course I do use mine and if you know me, that pretty much eliminates their anonymity.