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Dating christian man

And with a deep devotion to the worldwide Christian community, we’re strongly aligned with Christian thought leaders, organizations and non-profits. A world of single Christian men will open up right away. Since our first day of hanging out we have been inseparable — I went on a date with her the next night to a country line dancing bar, and from there the rest is almost history... Our story happened quickly, but the years of prayer backed behind it, and the evidence of God at work, has fueled our story and will continue to ignite it for the rest of our lives... We are now enjoying being married in our new home and beginning our lives together as the Sharps, and we are so blessed that God has been so awesome throughout this whole thing.

Perpetual adolescence, men failing to step up, “is exactly the problem, but are we doing anything to help these guys out? SEE ALSO: True Love Waiting Belcher says the slow economy and lack of job prospects leaves a lot of recent college graduates feeling shaken and unable to fulfill the role of provider.

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They must either lower their standards for a mate so they can settle down now or hold to their faith as they pine for what is becoming an endangered species: Christian men worth waiting for.

In 1991, the average marrying age for women was 24. Although those numbers cover the entire population, evangelical leaders say the trend isn’t much different among young Christians.

The four Christian women sitting around me are all pretty and socially active—no hunchbacks or hermits among them. College graduation is just a few months away, and these unattached women joke about adopting 50 cats at the local shelter to ensure they won’t die alone.

Behind the jokes and smiles lies a serious, and sad, situation too many Christian women find themselves in today.

The women I talked to had a list of ideal traits they wanted to see in Mr. But only one was non-negotiable: a close relationship with Christ and a life that shows it.