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Conjoined twins dating site

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The babies' parents, Sylvia Hernandez and her husband, Roel Torres, said they found out three months into the pregnancy that two of their triplets were conjoined.

"God chose us to take care of these babies," Torres said.

A pair of Siamese Twins eagerly anticipate the arrival of a bachelor who they will fight over in hopes of becoming his bride.

Little do the two know, however, that their would-be suitor- the eccentric Sasha Oswald- is actually a freak show conductor with an ulterior agenda!

The triplets were delivered just a day shy of 34 weeks' gestation.

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is fusion, in which a fertilized egg completely separates, but stem cells (which search for similar cells) find like-stem cells on the other twin and fuse the twins together.

Conjoined twins share a single common chorion, placenta, and amniotic sac, although these characteristics are not exclusive to conjoined twins as there are some monozygotic but non-conjoined twins who also share these structures in utero. Barnum's circus for many years and were labeled as the Siamese Twins.

The family said the twins were undergoing a surgical procedure Monday, KZTV reported, but it will take at least 6 months of testing and preparation before doctors could attempt to separate them.