Start Childless by choice dating

Childless by choice dating

Children become emotional attachments.’ While the decision to say no to motherhood so often comes from a positive place, the fear of negative reactions makes it a difficult subject to shout about.

In fact, the future I see is full of fun, adventures, child-unfriendly holidays taken in term-time, of city apartments without stair gates, of wild nights out without guilt.

My reason is simpler – my husband and I have no desire to have children.

And surely that is the most basic requirement if you’re going to procreate.

It’s simple – I have zero interest in becoming a mum. She adored children, and after I got married, she asked, “So when are you going to give me a grandchild?

I’ve been with my husband for 14 years and we share the same vision. Luckily our parents are supportive of our decision – which I’m thankful for because family pressure can be one of the biggest problems for the voluntarily child free. ‘I don’t have that biological urge, babies have never been on my radar, so why would I have one? ” I replied, “You’ll have to make do with grand-cats because I’m not having any babies.” Although she was supportive, I think she was sad on my behalf.’ It seems mothers especially – if not your own, then in general – find it hard to accept this lifestyle choice. When they’ve experienced what has been described as the most precious relationship in the world, it’s natural to want to tell others what they’re missing.

Women now want to explore their options in order to make an informed choice.

By their 30s many of them have a great career and a good standard of living. Then there are those who have no strong biological urge to have children, but are worried about missing out.

There was just no targeted help out there, so I made “maybe baby” therapy a specialism of mine.