Start Black women dating in south korea

Black women dating in south korea

It was difficult at first because I wanted to view things as I had in my home country, but I learned very quickly what the phrase Being an American is a blessing.

An Ajumma (older lady) made the girl she was sitting with move over and make room for me so I could sit with them for the duration of our two-hour ride to Seoul.

I was so thankful when we arrived in Seoul that I tried to offer her money. She reached over and took my hand and point to her heart and then back to my heart as to say, “From my heart to yours.” That brought to tears then and still brings me to tears now.

In 2009, I had the pleasure and honor of moving to South Korea as an English teacher. While there, I met some wonderful people, had an opportunity to get to know myself, developed resilience, and reevaluate life in its entirety. Traveling gives you the chance to learn about other people, cultures, but more importantly it helps you know yourself better.

Again, Koreas are very creative, but in general, they have been taught to systematically approach things, which revealed challenging when I wanted to get something done a different way.

Now, I even questioned being called African American.

I totally understand that my origins come from Africa, but when you say African American it really refers to someone migrating from Africa, which doesn’t not describe me at all.

As a child I remember sitting on the front porch daydreaming about the possibility of a life beyond the city limits or the cornfields of Omaha, Nebraska.