Start Armory not updating

Armory not updating

Killed HC boss yesterday evening around 23:something and it's still not updated (heck, it still shows the gear I was wearing yesterday afternoon). I'm wondering if this has had an effect on the armory updates.

I did a faction change yesterday, it's been 26 hours and it still says pending.

I'm not alone, the customer service forums are filled with a lot of pissed off people.

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I recently did a total transmog update, and spec change.

I changed spec 4 days ago, changed transmog yesterday.

In addition, various raid progression tracking status indicators are not updating and not tracking my completion, Dragon Soul LFR, for one example.

Any kind of response or acknowledgement would be super.

Items, specs, news all seem to be updating fine, just not the character image.

While it may seem just to be slightly annoying to some, for those of us that really enjoy the mogging aspect of the game, having the armory properly display this is important.

Standard Blizzard response has been given in multiple threads already: Its "We're not fixing s***, deal with it and keep giving us (y)our money! Ive changed my xmog a little and like to show it off, and i cant because of this. The Armory webpage for my character is updating item slots properly, but NOT the character image and/or transmogs. I've tried every cache cleansing, unequip/re-equip and login/out option I can think of, and still no luck.