Start Are aiden turner and lenora crichlow dating

Are aiden turner and lenora crichlow dating

She uploaded the photo with a reference to the show they starred in together, writing: ‘Being Humans in Los Angeles.’One fan gushed: ‘Are Aidan and Lenora dating? Confirming the break-up in November, Turner said: “I like to keep my private life private for my own head.

And so we thought the matter rested – but now the original cast of the hit supernatural series have revealed that they’d be open to a return (despite all leaving before the show ended), and even have a few ideas about how it could all play out. “It could basically just be a replica in the afterworld, and we just carry on to the next level.” Clearly, a pitch for the ages – but the trio also revealed that they hadn’t always been so enthusiastic for the series, with the supernatural themes a turn-off when they first heard about it.

After all, in a show filled with ghosts, zombies and vampires why would the deaths of their respective characters rule them out? ” Tovey said to the eager crowd at MCM comic-con in London, where he was appearing at a special Being Human panel with co-stars Turner and Crichlow. “I thought it was pretty ridiculous,” Crichlow recalled. “But when I read the scripts I could see how each character was very much a human character, and that their supernatural tendencies were all parallels for something a bit more human like addiction, and OCD-ness, and anger issues.” “When you read the concept you think ‘well I need to give this a bit of a read’,” Tovey agreed.

The actress plays Demelza in the hit BBC drama which returns next month.

She told Vogue magazine she is not immune to the charms of Turner, whose shirtless appearance as Ross Poldark with a scythe was one of the most talked-about moments from the first series.

"There were parts of the show where people could relate to that idea I suppose, but I never felt like a sex symbol.

Eagle-eyed fans picked up on the fact that the former Being Human co-stars are currently spending some time together in Los Angeles after his Poldark star Heida Reed shared an image of the pair on her Instagram page.

” Crichlow agreed, to cheers from the assembled audience.

“But the writing, Toby Whithouse’s writing was so deep and nuanced, and the characters were so beautiful, and these relationships were so emotional and heartfelt and honest, that you just, that’s what got you into it.

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"It was quite truthful and real for me, that’s the funny thing.” Turner said: “The whole thing is a bit preposterous, it’s kind of nuts, you know; I got a little bit overwhelmed… It’s a strange experience to have that happen.” But fans have been warned not to expect another topless Turner scene, because filming for the new 10-part series began last September.