Start Sex hookups in hong kong

Sex hookups in hong kong

Sun, 25, launched the site two years ago before she began her master’s programme in sex education at the University of Hong Kong.

All we have to do is lie down and do it.’ [But] it’s like learning a dance – you’ll be okay at first with someone counting the rhythm, but you’re bound to step on your partner’s toes so you have to learn each other’s rhythms.” A happy sex life requires communication between partners, JJJ spokeswoman Sherry Hui says, and the goal of the workshops is to start a discussion and relieve the pressure of talking about sex – not encourage casual sex.

“You don’t know about the problems people have only because they’re not discussed…and repressed,” Hui says. like a Pandora’s box that you can never close once it’s opened, but it’s about your own moral code and conduct.” Grace Lee Ming-ying, education manager at the Family Planning Association, says Hong Kong society “isn’t comfortable even talking about” sexual well-being.

“And if we can’t talk about it, how can we learn,” she asks.

Even starting a public discussion about sex can attract censure, as Julia Sun Wai-han , founder of the Sticky Rice Love website, discovered.

“The gentleman said, ‘Well I’m not happy about it … ” It is to correct ignorance such as this that the JJJ Association organised its workshops in the past two months to teach people about pleasurable intercourse.

Intended for 20 people, they were expanded to 30 participants because of high demand, and more workshops will be held in September.

No wonder, then, that parents and students were shocked to be shown a textbook photo of a vagina during a talk.