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Pleasurebot sex talk

Would you ignore the warnings on the label that say that the item you just bought will completely erase who you are and leave you as an empty husk of a person? Two professional women, ex college roommates, now a doctor and a lawyer are caught up in a criminal’s desire for revenge.

In a quest to satisfy the growing market for psychologically-conditioned and physically-enhanced love slaves, The Love Doll company organizes a pleasure cruise for potential recruits—who don’t realize it’s a one-way fare. She has always dreamed of dancing the lead of Swan Lake.

Psionic powers have been developed by a select number of people through their sexual organs and new types of crimes and criminals have shown themselves to be a threat to the civilized world. Alice and Karl have a dream that, if it works, could revolutionize women’s health care.

To combat this the United States government has founded a new program known as the Psionics Special Investigations, known throughout the country as the PSI. Susan had finally met her mind-match, only she didn’t know it... IN a battle between two minds, there could only ever be one winner for all. They bring in Liz to work on the computer programming associated with the testing of their vision.

It’s been a long time coming, and the need to finalize all the wedding plans before the due date is causing them both a lot of stress.