Start Mom adult chat room

Mom adult chat room

I want the world to know that he is smart, and that he understands how to be gentle and kind and engaged.

Instead, we need to form real relationships and move those tough conversations from the indelible Internet forum to sofas or more personal emails and messages. Real conversations—like this one—are how we bridge the gap.

Also, by asking you to share your advice and experiences, I'm opening the doors for me to better parent Liam, and I'm (hopefully) validating your experiences. And I have found good friends in the parents of autistic kids.

Kids with autism—like my son Liam, a non-speaking 7-year-old on the spectrum—benefit when their parents engage in dialogue with autistic adults.

But, too often, parents and autistic adults end up at odds with each other.

JP: Do you have any other suggestions to help parents get through tough times?

LW: Just because something doesn't make sense or seems wrong or contradictory, it might not be.

I want kids on the spectrum to grow up feeling like they're an important member of their own families and the larger community.

To feel like you're a part of something, like your voice matters and you're known and accepted—that's the best thing for all of us!

That never would've worked, and thank goodness, they knew that.

My mom never said, 'But all the other little girls...' because I wasn't other little girls.

I say words that contradict something I already said, and then I don't have the language to explain how both things are true.