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Starting in 2010 with a "gifting" feature that enabled users to buy gifts and coupons virtually through Kakao Talk and send it to their friends via Kakao Talk.

In August 2013, three of App Annie’s Global Top 10 Android games tied in to the Kakao Talk platform - Everybody’s Marble, Cookie Run, and Anipang.

With 93% of South Korea's users on Kakao Talk, the free downloads of the games Ani Pang and Dragon Flight, which can only be played with a Kakao Talk account, were deemed "national" games.

Users can also purchase real-life goods through the messenger's "Gifting" platform, such as Starbucks coffee or jewelry.

Kakao Corp is the company behind Kakao Talk (its platform and flagship app), and was founded in 2010 by Kim Bum-soo, the former CEO of NHN Corporation (founder of Hangame, which merged with to create NHN). is based in Seoul, South Korea, and Jae-Beom (JB) Lee and Sirgoo Lee are the current Co-CEOs. generated revenue of approximately $200M (USD) through gaming, digital content, mobile commerce and its marketing channels for brands and celebrities.

This is a feature which acts as a source of advertisement and marketing for companies and celebrities, since Kakao Talk does not have banner ads.

Kakao Talk also features emoticons that web cartoonists draw, may be purchased in the "Item Store". introduced their gaming system, Playing Game, in which gaming items may be purchased.

In late 2013, Indonesia became the country with the most users of Kakao Talk second to South Korea.

Kakao Talk has hit 13 million users and has potential to becoming Kakao Talk's largest market worldwide.

In September 2015, Kakao Talk entered the corportate messaging market with the launch of Kakao Allim Talk service which enables companies to send out data-heavy messages without having to add recipients as friends on Kakao Talk. established Japanese Corp., Kakao Japan and appointed Cha-Jin Park as a representative.

According to company officials, Kakao Talk appears to be very actively used in Japan.

Kakao Talk (Korean: 카카오톡), or sometimes Ka Talk, is a free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones with free text and free call features.