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The second television channel followed in 1968, but between 19, there was only one Romanian channel before the return of the second channel.

Digital satellite DTH is provided by a number of companies.

Beside TVR channels, only Antena 3 is still available, but unknown for how long, and whether it will remain in DVB-T, will shift to DVB-T2, or completely leave terrestrial platform.

The absence and lack of implementation of DVB-T in Romania is somehow controversial, as many people are suspecting that this delay and the adoption of DVB-T2 is forced just to sustain the interest of cable and DTH providers, also the lack of interest of the must carry broadcasters in providing channels in terrestrial is very criticized, however the main DVB-T operator in Romania is SNR, which is said to be responsible for this.

The fate of TVR HD, one of TVR's most watched channel after TVR 1 and TVR 2, is unknown.