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Black lives sex video chat

He said: 'Was there anything significant about the date in relation to Black Lives Matter protests?

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Four of the protesters - Joshua Virasami, 26, Ewa Jasiewicz, 38, Mark Weaver, 35, and Alison Playford, 37 - unfurled a huge black banner in the middle of a road which read 'this is a crisis' during the rally in the morning rush hour on August 5 last year.

Meanwhile the other five - Sita Balani, 29, Liam Barrington-Bush, 32, Aditi Jaganathan, 26, Naomi Mabita, 23, and Aadam Muuse, 24 - lay down on the ground chained to each other through hollowed out fire extinguishers, which were filled with wire mesh and concrete.

The court also heard from university lecturer and documentary film maker Ken Fero, who gave character witness for Ewa Jasiewicz.

He said they met in 2001 when they released a film about deaths in police custody, and she was a journalist working in magazines.

Instead, the group started loudly chanting 'black lives matter' which drowned him out, the court heard.

Video footage played to the court showed the protesters shouting 'if they don't give us justice, we won't give them peace', and 'black lives matter'.

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There were people on the floor, there were people who seemed to know the protesters but were not involved in it stood on the side of the road.